All About Leave the Nest
Verdy, Ferdy,Polly,Corey,Tuckey And Cardy the birds from Leave the Nest

In our studies with live playtesters (over 600) less than 0.5%

reported any motion sickness discomfort.

If you’ve ever had a dream of flying, wanted to feel the wind in your hair, wanted to soar and dive among trees of the forest, race trains and cruise perilously close to dangerous volcanoes, then this game is for you.

Flap your little wings to take off from your cozy nest, and embark on an adventure as you fly through the world, passing through peaceful forests, Persian cities, volcanic vista’s and more. Earning bonus points and multipliers along the way, flying high will earn you that ever so valuable 2x bonus, but you can’t stay up there forever as the air’s too thin to flap.

“A great game and seriously fun. If you ever wished how bird’s flapped their wings for hour’s try this game and see if you can!
Flap your arms to sore through the different stages of the game, dodge everything in your path or try to fly through it.
I didn’t get any VR nausia playing this game but i do have sore shoulder’s from all the flaps i do :)”
GamingWiggler (GW’s Playlist )

“An amusing take on what is, in essence, Flappy Bird / Runner style game. You literally flap your arms to fly upward, and you can dive downward by holding the trackpad. Lane swiching is done with the triggers, or can be changed in the options to take advantage of roomscale.
I didn’t get any dizzyness from the movement system.
You can see your beak in front of you as a sort of point of reference, and flapping your arms gives you the sense that you are controlling yoru movement.”

Wolfret D. Caigan

“Flappy Bird VR! My arms are going to be very sore tomorrow.
A quick note on motion sickness:
I had very slight dizzyness as soon as the game started, but as soon as I started flappy birding that sensation went away.
I found myself involuntarily making wind sounds with my mouth after I got into it!”
i208khonsu – Steam User

  • Over 25 complete zone types for you to dodge,duck,dip,dive and dodge your way through.
  • More than 16 different birds (and a bat)
  • Compete against the world or your personal best scores.
  • Soar high above the clouds for double score bonuses.
  • Collect coins and power-ups.
  • Earn extra points by diving through open windows, and using the birds special skills
  • Steam trains that come and go to help set your pace and win achievements.

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