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August 2010

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USA PS VR – 3.14.17

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HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PSVR

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Leave the Nest is the first infinite flapper game in Virtual Reality.  Originally built  for the HTC Vive, Leave the Nest is now bigger and better and coming to Sony’s PS VR. Designed and tested to minimize the dreaded motion sickness issues which can impact players in other VR games, Leave the Nest is THE best endless flapper.

The player assumes the role of one of over twenty birds whose time has come to venture into the world and  leave the nest and fly as far as they can. Explore far off lands, from tranquil forests to snow capped mountains.  Swoop between volcanoes spewing hot lava in the mountain zone or risk getting splashed in the fountain zone.  Gatecrash celebrations in Chinatown with fireworks being sent into the skies all around you, or swerve through windows in the London inspired classic city.

Regarding Comfort:
Having tested the game in person with over 600 players from all walks of life we have had an exceptionally low rate of complaints and those mainly from people who are averse to conventional action games.



The player controls the bird either by holding a controller in each hand out to their sides, as if they were wings, and consequently flapping their arms to simulate a bird.
Lanes are changed by using the triggers on each controller to move in the corresponding direction.

Sony PSVR move controllers illustrated


  • Over 25 complete zone types for you to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge your way through.
  • More than 16 different birds (and a bat)
  • Compete against the world or your personal best scores.
  • Soar high above the clouds for double score bonuses.
  • Collect coins and power-ups.
  • Earn extra points by diving through open windows, and using the birds’ special skills
  • Steam trains that come and go to help set your pace and win achievements.


Leave the Nest support a wide range of control configurations from fully motion controlled, such as crouching to trigger a dive and stepping left and right in the room scale setting, to simply using a hand held controller for all functions.

Sony Dualshock Illustrated

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,For each of our zones we created some retro style travel posters.

And also not to be out done, some stylized renders of our cast of birds


“A great game and seriously fun. If you ever wished how bird’s flapped their wings for hour’s try this game and see if you can!
Flap your arms to sore through the different stages of the game, dodge everything in your path or try to fly through it.
I didn’t get any VR nausia playing this game but i do have sore shoulder’s from all the flaps i do :)”

GamingWiggler (GW’s Playlist )

“An amusing take on what is, in essence, Flappy Bird / Runner style game. You literally flap your arms to fly upward, and you can dive downward by holding the trackpad. Lane swiching is done with the triggers, or can be changed in the options to take advantage of roomscale.
I didn’t get any dizzyness from the movement system.
You can see your beak in front of you as a sort of point of reference, and flapping your arms gives you the sense that you are controlling yoru movement.”

Wolfret D. Caigan

“Flappy Bird VR! My arms are going to be very sore tomorrow.
A quick note on motion sickness:
I had very slight dizzyness as soon as the game started, but as soon as I started flappy birding that sensation went away.
I found myself involuntarily making wind sounds with my mouth after I got into it!”

i208khonsu – Steam User

Selected Articles

Although Leave the Nest echoes the popular mobile videogame, it builds on each aspect of the game to create a more suitably immersive experience with its blocky 3D surroundings, and more physically-demanding gameplay. It is not only the bird that must flap its wings but the player too as the title takes the HTC Vive’s motion controllers into full consideration

I have no doubt that adding the physical requirement to actually flap your arms to control the bird as opposed to a simple tap will only take this Flappy Bird replica to the next level of frustration but will probably be quite fun in a party type scenario.

Press Release

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Press release in MS Word format

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